Sensei Jack Kerr(Sandan- 3rd degree black belt & Shidoin-title meaning certified international teacher) Kerr started his karate training in Shoto-kan in 1973 in Oakville, Ontario. During his RCMP training in Regina, Sask. in 1974 to changed to the Chito-Ryu style. Sensei Kerr founded the Stettler Karate Club in 1976 under the guidance of  Sensei Robert Supeene (yondan) of Edmonton. He received his shodan level in 1978 from Supeene. A transfer took Kerr to Canmore, Alberta in 1979 where he was the founder of the Canmore Chito-Ryu Karate Club and the annual Canmore Chito-Ryu Summer Camp. Kerr received his nidan level from O Sensei Chitose (SOKE-10th dan) in 1982. Kerr founded the Kamloops Chito-Ryu Karate Club in 1984, the Barrier and Clearwater  Chito-Ryu Karate Clubs in 1986. Sensei Kerr then received his sandan (3rd degree Black Belt) level in 2002 from Higashi Sensei Toronto, Ont and Shidoin title certificate (international teacher) in 2006. 

Sensei Kerr is presently head instructor for the Yomeikan Karate Club (formerly the Victoria Chito-Ryu Karate Club) since 1999. Sensei Kerr presently works as a Power Engineer, Class 4, maintenance & operations for SNC Lavalin O&M in regards to all of the Federal Government buildings in Victoria, BC.


Sensei Kerr is ably assisted on occasion by visiting senior instructors Taneda Sensei Kelowna, BC (kyoshi ,sichi-dan) found at website and Lee Sensei, Burnaby, BC (Renshi, roku-dan)







Sensei Jack Kerr, Sandan/ Shidoin
(3rd degree- / certified international teacher)