Why choose Yomeikan Karate?


Yomeikan Karate has served the Victoria area since 1992 with classes formerly at the Boys & Girls Club, Esquimalt Recreation Centre and St Paul’s Anglican Church community hall.


The study of Chito-Ryu karate (which translated means thousand year style) requires an enormous amount of one’s time.  The karate way of life requires "perserverance without failure" and comittment.  Karate is a discipline and is physically demanding regardless of your physical abilities.  At Yomeikan Karate our training encourages proper human interaction, respect for each other and challenges each karateka (karate student) to search for the truth.  We believe that our dojo (training hall) should be a safe place for the karateka to learn a martial art which in turn builds self esteem, self confidence, courtesy and promotes respect.


Sensei Jack Kerr is a 3rd degree Balck Belt and holds the title of Shidoin (certified international teacher). Sensei Kerr is a former police officer (RCMP) and former FRCC Tactical Team member for the BC Corrections Service.  Sensei Kerr started his karate training in 1973 while attending Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.  Sensei Kerr’s mentors have been O Sensei Chitose, Higashi Sensei, Akutagawa Sensei and Henschel Sensei.   His present day mentors are the second generation Soke Sensei, Japan ,Kyoshi Taneda and Renshi Lee Sensei, here in  Canada.


Our instructors are fully NCCP Certified (National Coaching Certification Program)

Yomeikan Karate is a member of Karate BC.  The benefits of being a member of Karate BC include:

  – Accident insurance (medical and dental)

  – Access to the Kidsport assistance program

  – Child fitness tax credit

  – BC Winter Games

  – Credits towards High School Graduation and volunteer hours

  – NCCP certified instructors

  – Participation in Regional, Provincial and National Karate Teams

  – Affiliated members of National Karate Association and World Union Karate Organization